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In today’s fast-paced world, adaptability and mobility are crucial. Whether you’re in an educational institution, corporate office, or even at home, having the flexibility to communicate on the move can be a game-changer. IDS Design understands this need for mobility and offers an impressive range of Single and Double Sided Mobile Notice Boards, specially designed to keep you on the move while ensuring your messages and presentations are impactful and organised.

Ready to mobilise your messages

Explore our Mobile Notice Boards now and stay on the move with impact!

Premium Features for Optimal Performance

Quality is the cornerstone of IDS Design, and our Mobile Notice Boards are no exception. Each board is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and features:

  • A deluxe anodised aluminium frame that not only enhances the board’s aesthetics but also guarantees durability.
  • Rounded plastic corners for safety, eliminating the risk of sharp edges.
  • An anodised pen rail for convenient storage of markers and accessories.
  • A powder-coated H-frame made of steel with four castors, ensuring ease of mobility and stability.


The Power of Mobility

The ability to take your message or presentation where it’s needed most is a powerful tool. IDS Design’s Mobile Notice Boards are ideal for educational institutions, corporate boardrooms, brainstorming sessions, or even home offices. With smooth-rolling castors, you can effortlessly move your board to different locations, ensuring your content reaches your audience wherever they are.

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Diverse Options to Suit Your Needs

At IDS Design, we believe in catering to diverse preferences and requirements. That’s why our Mobile Notice Boards come in a variety of options to meet your specific needs:

Single or Double Sided

Choose from single-sided or double-sided Mobile Notice Boards based on your presentation needs. Double-sided boards offer increased visibility and space for your content, making them ideal for dynamic environments.

Magnetic and Non-Magnetic White Board

Opt for the magnetic surface if you need the added versatility of using magnets to attach documents or visual aids. Alternatively, the non-magnetic whiteboard surface is perfect for traditional writing and drawing.

Carpet or Felt Covered Options

Personalise your Mobile Notice Board with either a carpet or felt-covered surface. These options add texture and visual appeal to your board while providing a functional backdrop for your messages.

Assorted Colours

Our Mobile Notice Boards are available in assorted colours, allowing you to match your board to your décor or corporate branding. Choose from a range of vibrant or muted tones to make a statement or blend seamlessly into your environment.

Why choose IDS Design for your Mobile Notice Boards

Versatile Selection

Find the perfect Mobile Notice Board to match your needs with our diverse range of options.

Quality Assurance

Our boards feature premium materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity.


Choose from a variety of colours to make your Mobile Notice Board uniquely yours.

Effortless Mobility

Experience smooth and stable movement with our well-designed castors for seamless relocation.
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