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Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic Whiteboard 450x600mm

IDS Design is your go-to destination for all your whiteboards needs. We offer a wide range of whiteboards, including standard sizes and customizable options, all at the most competitive prices in the market. Whether you’re looking for a classic whiteboard with an aluminum frame or a magnetic or non-magnetic surface, we have you covered. Let’s delve deeper into the world of white boards and how IDS Design can meet your requirements.

Upgrade your workspace with IDS Design’s premium whiteboards today.

Explore our standard and custom sizes, magnetic and non-magnetic options, and enjoy unbeatable prices. Elevate your productivity

IDS Design have standard magnetic whiteboard sizes but are also able to make customise sizes at the lowest prices.

Product features: Imported enamel whiteboard steel surface. Deluxe anodised aluminium frame. Rounded plastic corners. Clip on anodized pen rail. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Includes mounting brackets and screws. Includes mounting instructions. Can be adapted for ready rail. With a deluxe aluminium frame and a pen rail

Standard Whiteboard Sizes

At IDS Design, we understand that every workspace is unique and may require different whiteboard dimensions. That’s why we offer a variety of standard whiteboard sizes to cater to your specific needs. Our standard sizes are designed to fit seamlessly into various environments, including offices, classrooms, boardrooms, and more. These boards come with sturdy aluminum frames, ensuring durability and longevity.

Customizable Whiteboards

Sometimes, standard sizes just won’t cut it. If you have a particular space in mind or require a whiteboard with unconventional dimensions, IDS Design can create customized whiteboards for you. Our team of experts is skilled at crafting whiteboards that match your precise specifications. Whether you need an extra-large board for a conference room or a compact one for your home office, we can bring your vision to life.


Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Options

We understand that different tasks require different functionalities. That’s why IDS Design offers both magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards to meet your unique needs.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Our magnetic whiteboards are perfect for collaborative environments. You can easily attach documents, notes, and visual aids using magnets, making it an excellent choice for brainstorming sessions, project management, and interactive teaching.

Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective solution, our non-magnetic whiteboards are ideal. They provide a smooth writing surface, perfect for daily notes, reminders, and presentations.

Why Choose IDS Design for Your Whiteboards?

Quality Assurance

We use top-notch materials and manufacturing processes to ensure our whiteboards are of the highest quality.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our ability to create custom whiteboards ensures that you get precisely what you need.


IDS Design believes in providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.


With our magnetic and non-magnetic options, you have the flexibility to choose the type of whiteboard that suits your requirements.


Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect whiteboard solution for your space.

Magnetic Whiteboard 450x600mm

450 x 600mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard 600x900mm

600 x 900mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard 900x900mm

900 x 900mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard 900x1200mm

900 x 1200mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 900x1500mm

900 x 1500mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 900x1800mm

900 x 1800mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1000x1000mm

1000 x 1000mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1000x1200mm

1000 x 1200mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1200x1200mm

1200 x 1200mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1200x1500mm

1200 x 1500mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1200x1800mm

1200 x 1800mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1200x2000mm

1200 x 2000mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1200x2400mm

1200 x 2400mm Magnetic Whiteboard

Non-magnetic Whiteboard 1200x3000mm

1200 x 3000mm Magnetic Whiteboard

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