Touch Board

Introducing our exciting Touch Board

So what is a Touch Board?

A Touch Board is a sticky noticeboard that holds whatever you put up and it holds fast!

  • No need for drawing pins or other materials
  • When no longer needed, any item placed on the board can be gently peeled off
  • The Touch Board is easily cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any dirt

Add your own branding to the Touch Board!

Touch Boards can be branded for clients if specifically required, which makes this a great promotional product for companies that is also functional.


The Touch Board is a locally developed and manufactured product

With its sticky surface, bonding materials are not required when putting up items onto the board, and it typically comes in a variety of mottled shades and can be used daily as an organiser for notes and paper. Whether it is for a classroom, staff room, office, reception area or hallway, this product will have a positive impact on the way you currently use a notice board. We offer two main Touch Board variations:

  • ELITE – traditional classroom or office style board, with brushed aluminium moulded frame
  • MEDIA BOARD – Digital Image Display board with brushed aluminium moulded frame